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Your Role
  *Mental Health*


If your family member or someone you know has been diagnosed with a mental illness, here are some ways you can help

  • Treat the person and his family like you would treat a 'normal' person- with dignity and respect
  • Befriend them and include them in all the activities in your family or neighbourhood
  • Tap their talents and abilities during cultural activities and social functions in the community
  • Help them during crises/relapse as you would help a person with physical disease such as heart attack or accidents
  • Encourage the person to take medication regularly. At times your advice may be more effective than that of the treating doctor or close relatives
  • Try to involve the affected person in meaningful activities as improvement occurs
  • Protect their rights at all times
  • Share any scientific information about the illness as and when essential
  • Dissuade the family from engaging in any unscientific, supernatural or superstitious activities for the treatment of the patient
  • Lobby with local institutions and industries and spread awareness about mental health




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